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Bruce Dieffenbach


Meet Bruce Dieffenbach, our esteemed President and a driving force behind Maplewood’s growth. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State and specialized training through an AMA Course for Presidents, Bruce brings three decades of industry experience to the table. His journey into this industry was fueled by a desire to be part of Phoenix’s explosive growth story, and he dove in headfirst when the opportunity arose. Bruce’s expertise lies in inspiring and leading the team to reach their full potential while delivering on promises to customers. His key characteristics, including organization, emotional intelligence, and a touch of wisdom, make him exceptional at what he does. Bruce wants potential clients to know that Maplewood is not just good today but committed to becoming a great company for everyone they touch, from customers to employees and end users. At the heart of it all is the excitement of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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Casey Dieffenbach

Operations Manager

Meet Casey Dieffenbach, our skilled Operations Manager at Maplewood, equipped with a BS in Global Business from Arizona State University and an impressive 21 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Starting as an apprentice cabinet maker/installer, Casey’s passion for the craft has grown into a comprehensive understanding of the business. As the Operations Manager, Casey excels in managing day-to-day operations and production flow. His key characteristics include the ability to navigate an ever-changing work environment, a strong work ethic, and adept management of employees and production processes. Casey is dedicated to providing a quality product that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations. For potential clients, it’s essential to know that Casey, along with Maplewood, is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of operations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

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David Dieffenbach

Business Development Project Manager

Meet David Dieffenbach, our dedicated Business Development Project Manager at Maplewood, holding a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering. As a Registered Professional Engineer in both Arizona and California, David brings 3.5 years of industry experience, backed by a family legacy spanning over two decades. For David, the millwork industry is more than a profession; it’s a passion fueled by family ties, craftsmanship, and the application of engineering skills. His role as a project manager involves a diverse array of responsibilities, from administrative functions and sales to overseeing project execution and fostering client relationships. David’s key characteristics include a pursuit of perfection, a structured approach derived from his engineering background, and an innate ability to create systems that contribute to overall success. At Maplewood, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, customer-centric philosophy, transparent communication, and a dedication to building enduring partnerships. While we may not always provide the lowest bid, we firmly believe that considering factors such as quality, experience, timeliness, durability, and reputation, we often represent the lowest cost for our clients. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to showcase how these principles translate into success for our customers.

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Ken Ewing

Sales Manager

Meet Ken Ewing, our esteemed Sales Manager at Maplewood with an impressive 45-year tenure in the construction industry. Specializing in the cabinet and woodworking sector, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, covering sales, estimating, marketing, and customer relations. His passion for the industry stems from a genuine love for construction and a commitment to building lasting customer relationships. With an outgoing personality and a knack for effective communication, Ken excels in selling not only products but also the Maplewood brand. Having dedicated over two decades to Maplewood, Ken emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to customer service and the supportive work environment fostered by loyal owners and staff. Under his leadership, Maplewood stands as a first-class organization, dedicated to excellence from top to bottom.

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Tom Hoyt

Install Manager

Meet Tom Hoyt, our proficient Install Manager at Maplewood. With 23 years dedicated to residential remodeling and an additional 2 years specializing in commercial millwork, Tom brings a wealth of hands-on experience to his role. Transitioning from running his own residential remodeling business, Tom found a new passion in managing installations, where he takes pride in constructing projects from inception to completion. As the Installation Manager, Tom’s expertise lies in scheduling, managing installers, and coordinating seamlessly with project managers and superintendents to ensure job completion. His comprehensive knowledge of construction building applications and techniques, coupled with excellent communication skills and punctuality, sets him apart. Tom thrives on the challenge of turning someone’s vision into a reality and takes immense pride in witnessing a project reach its fruition. At Maplewood, Tom is thrilled to be part of a family business that prioritizes both its employees and the quality of its products. His enthusiasm is dedicated to contributing to the growth of the business and collaborating with installers to achieve beautifully finished products.

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Derek Thurber

Manufacturing Engineer

Meet Derek Thurber, our skilled Manufacturing Engineer at Maplewood, equipped with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from ASU, earned in 2007. With over 18 years dedicated to the custom millwork and engineering industry, Derek’s journey began as a part-time seasonal employee at Maplewood Cabinetry during his mechanical engineering studies. What started as an entry-level role on the floor evolved into a full-fledged career, fueled by Derek’s fascination with manufacturing processes and a passion for what he does. As the primary engineer responsible for creating submittals, fabrication packages, and CNC programs for custom projects, Derek’s analytical perspective, attention to detail, and diverse shop floor experience make him excel in delivering quality products within project deadlines. Beyond work, Derek shares his engineering passion with his family, engaging in building complex Lego sets and introducing his daughter to musical instruments. As a dedicated father of two, Derek values family, enjoys baking, and appreciates the supportive work environment at Maplewood, where his colleagues feel like a second family. With Bruce’s leadership, Derek has grown both professionally and personally, and he is proud to be part of a team passionate about delivering exceptional products.

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Alex Dee

Engineering Manager

Meet Alex Dee, our accomplished Engineering Manager at Maplewood, with a career spanning an impressive 17 years. Armed with an Associates in Drafting and Design, Alex stumbled upon the world of drafting through a newspaper ad for an apprentice draftsman, and it ignited a passion rooted in childhood dreams of creating and guiding others through building projects. Specializing in preparing millwork shop drawings and offering unwavering support to the engineering team, Alex manages the department with a keen attention to detail cultivated over years of experience. His key strengths lie in his meticulous approach, extensive expertise, and a collaborative team spirit. Alex is not just a problem solver but a dedicated partner for clients, committed to providing innovative solutions during the planning stages. At Maplewood, we take pride in being more than a cabinet supplier; we’re your reliable partner in delivering exceptional commercial fixtures and finishes, ensuring excellence from inception to completion.

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Susan Dieffenbach


Introducing Susan Dieffenbach, Maplewood’s dedicated Secretary. With a strong educational foundation from Pierce College in California and Arizona State University, Susan’s professional journey took an exciting turn. After three decades as a legal secretary, she welcomed the opportunity for a change at Maplewood, where she found a fulfilling new chapter in her career. With nine years of experience in the industry, Susan found her niche, providing invaluable support to the Sales Manager. Her role involves managing bids on the bid board, opening project files, handling billing, insurance, and more. Susan’s personable nature and love for interacting with colleagues make her an integral part of the Maplewood team. Joining a workplace where family was already thriving, Susan has been instrumental in creating a positive work environment. She aspires to contribute to Maplewood’s growth, hoping to make it an even bigger and better place for everyone involved.

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Sarah Dieffenbach

Office Administrator

Meet Sarah Dieffenbach, our dedicated Office Administrator at Maplewood, holding a Fundamentals of HR Management Certification. With 8 years of experience in the industry, Sarah’s journey is marked by a passion for supporting her team and ensuring customer satisfaction. Her role spans across vital areas such as Human Resources, Payroll, Purchasing and Receiving, Office Organization, and Event Coordination. Sarah’s key characteristics include an unwavering attention to detail, organizational prowess, and dependability, making her an essential asset in her multifaceted position. At Maplewood, Sarah wants potential clients to know that the company always goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Her commitment lies not just in her professional responsibilities but also in providing unwavering support to her team, reflecting Maplewood’s dedication to excellence and customer-centric values.