Maplewood Update: Supply Chain and Millwork Impacts

We here at Maplewood would like to give everyone an update regarding scheduling for millwork. As the world gets closer to getting back to a more normal condition post COVID, our industry like many others is experiencing supply chain disruptions.

We are sure everyone is aware of the recent price increases that ran through the entire lumber industry. Prices rise when there are shortages which also means longer lead times to get materials. Although our suppliers are working hard for us to make any disruptions as minimal as possible, we have experienced some issues. MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is generally a commodity readily available has become a long lead time item, if we can get a delivery commitment at all!

Standard colors and textures of laminate have become less readily available. It is increasingly difficult to predict what will be in stock and available versus needing to be manufactured, shipped, and delivered to our suppliers prior to being available to us. Special order laminates are taking even longer to get than in the past, particularly special order textures. These issues are not limited to a single manufacturer.

Seemingly simple hardware like euro style hinge sets have been impacted.

We always strive to maintain our delivery commitments and will continue to do so. We will also be as proactive as possible in communicating with all involved when or if these supply chain disruptions affect your project.