Honoring Ken Ewing: 20 Years at Maplewood Cabinetry

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to Ken Ewing for reaching the impressive milestone of 20 years as Sales Manager here at Maplewood Cabinetry. This achievement is truly a momentous occasion for our company. We are pleased to present this award; a silver saw blade with gold plated teeth. At the center of this blade is a $20 gold piece, which is dated 2003, representing the year of Ken’s hire. This gold piece serves as a reminder of Ken’s long-standing tenure with the company and his dedication to his role as a sales manager. Ken has been a valued member of our team, and his ongoing contributions have been vital to our growth and success. He consistently prioritizes the customer while also treating Maplewood’s resources with the utmost care. We at Maplewood would like to express our gratitude for Ken’s hard work and dedication.

When the company first advertised for a general shop foreman, Ken approached the process differently. Instead of responding to the blind ad placed in the newspaper, Ken reverse interviewed the contact, to gather enough information to figure out who the hiring company was and proceeded to call us directly. Ken convinced the partners that he was the asset they needed, and he was right.

Ken was an experienced millwork estimator and project manager, with a background of also owning and operating a millwork cabinetry installation company. Over the past 20 years, he has been awarded over $67M in cabinetry and millwork sales for Maplewood and has estimated over $300M in cabinetry and millwork during that time. Ken is also a football fanatic, cheering for the Arizona Cardinals and his previous home team, the Atlanta Falcons. On the college side, the two-time defending champions Georgia Bulldogs are his team! Ken’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed by the company. All of us at Maplewood Cabinetry would like to thank Ken for his service and look forward to his ongoing contributions and a bright and successful future together.